Brownsville Composite Squadron SWR-TX-091

Brownsville Composite Squadron, SWR-TX-091

About Us

The Brownsville Composite Squadron has a long history since it was chartered in December 1941.   On December 1, 1941, Civil Air Patrol (CAP) was founded as a civilian auxiliary to the U.S. Army Air Corp. a few days prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  CAP establishes coastal Patrol bases from Maine to Mexico.  Coastal Patrol Base #12 was first in Brownsville and later in San Benito.  Base #12 CAP volunteer pilots fly over 30,000 hours of patrol missions along the South Texas coast looking for German U-boats and helping to secure the nations border...Read More 


Quality Cadet Unit Award


Any cadet unit that displays strong program fundamentals can earn the Quality Cadet Unit Award.

This new award motivates squadrons to pursue goals that we think will inevitably lead to their having a vibrant Cadet Program.

The Quality Cadet Unit Award is purely objective. Cadet and composite squadrons who meet the challenging criteria automatically earn the award.

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